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JiangXi Kelley Chemical Packing Co.,Ltd

ceramic/metal/plastic random packing,ceramic alumina ball,honeycomb ceramic,m...

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selling high quality ceramic intalox saddles tower packing
Ceramicintalox saddleis improved from the arc saddle,Ceramic saddlechanges the both arched surface torectangular surface
supply ss304 metal intalox saddle
Metal intalox saddle tower packing is made of material like carbon steel, stainless steelorAluminum alloy, etc. The prod
selling inert alumina ceramic ball catalyst carrier
Inert alumina ceramic ballThe 23-30% Al2O3inert alumina ceramic ballare used as catalyst, absorbent, desiccant and dryin
selling molecular sieve
Molecular Sieve 3A for Ethanol DryingMolecular Sieve 3Ais an alkali metal alumino-silicate; it is the potassium form of
Honeycomb ceramic for car exhaust gas purifier
Honeycomb ceramic substrate(Used In Vehicle)Honeycomb ceramic substrateis made ofcordierite, and it is used for car cata
Ceramic Raschig Ring ,Acid & Heat Resistance
Ceramic raschig ringis the earliest developed random packing, named after the German chemist Friedrich Raschig. It's sma
activated alumina absorbent
Activated Alumina Ball:1-2mm, 3-5mm, 4-6mm, 5-7mm, 6-8mmMolecular Formula: Al2O3 nH2O (0Activated aluminahas much micro-
selling high quality ceramic intalox saddle
Ceramic  saddle  is improved from the arc saddle, Ceramic saddle changes the both arched surfac
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